Documentation of a comprehensive model addressing sexual violence against women and children

December 2019

Gender based violence stems from deep rooted caste dynamics and power structures. In Madhya Pradesh, a civil society organization has been working since the year 2000 to address the issues of sexual violence against children and women in vulnerable communities. The interventions aim to increase the reporting of cases of sexual violence against children and women, the successful reintegration of survivors into the society, and the creation of an environment that deters incidents of sexual violence. This has been done by creation of community led support structures for girls and women along with sensitization and strengthening of the response stakeholders (police, legal and medical professionals).

Development Solutions, a research and consultancy organization based in New Delhi, conducted a study to document their solution model in 2019 for replication at scale. Tracking data on the incidence of sexual violence, reporting and conviction rates, prosecution period and compensations facilitated for the survivors helped understand the reach and impact of the organization.  In-depth qualitative interactions with survivors of sexual violence, their families, stakeholders including police, lawyers, judges and staff at one stop centers provided insights into the eco-system impact of the organization.