Our Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our M&E services enable clients to measure progress towards program and project goals and objectives. We design and put in place for you integrated M&E solutions with quantitative and qualitative parameters to track progress, improve systems, and measure performance.
We also provide third party M&E services, enabling independent appraisal for interventions. We conduct evaluations at each stage of the project cycle, using quantitative and qualitative tools to assess the effectiveness of internal processes, measure outcomes, and impact.
Actionable learnings and recommendations are an integral part of our M&E services.

Research & Studies

Research and studies provide the evidence our clients require to make informed decisions. Our research helps to understand perceptions and local realities of marginal groups and communities about the research questions.
We ensure that our research findings lead to actionable recommendations.
We manage the entire process for primary and secondary research and are skilled at both quantitative and qualitative research methods.
We ensure an optimal mix of methods – surveys, interviews, participatory research, and observation, depending on the client’s needs. We undertake research across India and other countries too.

Strategy Development

We enable our clients to envision and strategize on key development issues. Our strategy and planning processes are adaptive across sectors and ensure a much higher likelihood of impact and sustainability with the right implementation. We focus on issues from an ecosystem perspective, develop the theory of change, identify and recommend interventions, and highlight the capabilities and skills required to turn strategy into successful execution.
We undertake strategy and planning for large community development initiatives, strategic and operational project planning, and organizational development.

Program Management

Our program management and implementation services enable our clients to achieve results and outcomes. We combine evidence and practical delivery skills to design and implement programs.
We provide technical, operational, and financial expertise for program management. We ensure that processes are institutionalized.
We also build capacity. We identify and assess training needs, develop modules, and deliver/facilitate the training. Our effort is to change values and mindsets to align with the goals and action plans.

Communication & Advocacy

We support clients to talk about their work with key audiences.
We document work and disseminate it across various media and organize events.
We also undertake policy review and analysis to enable advocacy.
We undertake participatory communication, stakeholder engagements, and develop films for social change.

CSR Solutions

We partner with companies to enable CSR initiatives that are holistic and integrated with their business strategy. We enable the connect with the community. We help build their brand equity through sustainable and responsible development.
From developing CSR policies and planning to implementation, monitoring, and assessing impact, we provide comprehensive solutions to ensure your CSR interventions bring changes in the lives of the people and help you fulfill your responsibility.