Shaping Careers – Uppekha Educational Scholarship

Shaping Careers – Uppekha Educational Scholarship

Preeti (name changed), who I called to speak with, has just returned from her tuition class. She is a bright child who is currently studying in 10th grade in D.T.E.A Sr. Secondary School Lakshmi Bai Nagar. She scored 70 percent in her last examinations and stood 4th in her class the year before that. She recently applied for Uppekha Educational Scholarship. Development Solutions facilitates the Uppekha scholarships to support deserving candidates.

Her mother, Anusha (name changed), resides at Dakshinpuri, in South Delhi and works as a domestic help in four houses, 10 hours a day, earning about 10,000 rupees per month. She is the sole earning member of the house. Her husband, Preeti’s father, is suffering from a mental condition.  Anusha, who was married at 19 years of age understands the value of education. She wishes to educate her children because she wants to give them what she could not have, a choice of career. The scholarship will be of great help for her to pay her daughter’s tuition and school fee.

Preeti says she is very happy to have received the scholarship because this would help her mother to pay the school and bus fees. For her this is very important so that she can reach school on time and doesn’t miss her exams! A hardworking girl, Preeti returns from school at 2:40 in the afternoon, studies for a while, and later leaves for tuition at 6:00 pm. She also has to help her mother with household chores.

Her favourite subject is science; physics and chemistry interest her. She wanted to become a doctor, but just last year decided to be a chartered accountant like her friend. “CA banne mein kam paisa lagega, doctor mein jyada lagta hai”, said Preeti, explaining her change of career plans. She also likes sports and participates in athletics events such as relay race, 400 meters race and 800 meters race. Her role model is her science teacher and Preeti aspires to be like her.

The scholarship program supports over 20 deserving students from across the country pursuing school and college education. Like Preeti, many other girls and boys are able to pursue their education and achieve their ambitions.

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