Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Development Solutions has been constituted to review required organizational research and evaluations before their initiation. The key objectives are the protection of safety, privacy, and confidentiality of all human participants, facilitating high quality and time-sensitive research and ensuring all proposals, protocols, and reports are legally compliant with national and international regulations on research ethics. There are five members of the IRB, of whom two are women. It includes academics, researchers and a lawyer.

There are three levels of IRB review – exempt from review, expedited review, and full review. The IRB currently reviews the assignments of Development Solutions alone.

The Child Protection Policy (CPP) outlines the commitment of Development Solutions to uphold the rights of children. The organization believes that the rights of the children are upheld, and they are protected from violence or discrimination and provided with the opportunity to grow and develop to the best of their potential. The policy provides a guideline on ensuring that the rights of the children are protected, and no harm is caused to them in our assignments.

A child protection officer oversees assignments, in which children below 18 years are our respondents.

Child Protection Policy