Dipstick Study: Skilling of Persons with Disabilities for employment in the BFSI sector post Covid-19

The American India Foundation (AIF) has been undertaking interventions to enable PwDs to obtain equal, inclusive, and dignified livelihoods. AIF, with support from SBI Foundation and Microsoft, is implementing an employment-based training program for PwDs, to place the trained participants in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector (BFSI). Before the training program, AIF proposed to undertake a scoping study to understand the potential demand for skilled job roles for PwDs and related skilling requirements. This is in the view, that the Covid-19 imposed lockdown also opened the culture of Work from Home (WFH). For the PwDs, this could mean that WFH could help address some of the challenges faced by them, such as workplace accessibility, and further adjustments. There could hence be increased employment opportunities for PwDs within the BFSI sector. 


Given this context and AIF’s efforts to place the trained PwDs in the BFSI sector, the objectives of this study were:

  • Understand the impact of Covid-19 on resource planning and human resource (HR) strategies for players from the BFSI sector.
  • Forecast demand for skilled job roles and map with related skills required, especially in the post Covid-19 landscape.
  • Identify BFSI players with specific initiatives for PwDs skilling and employment.
  • Understand potential demand for skilled job roles for PwDs and related skilling requirements.

Approach and methodology

Given the objectives, the key steps for the study were:

  • The desk review of government policies on PwDs employment, any available documents on the engagement of PwDs, specifically in the BFSI sector.
  • Key informant interviews were held with:
  1. Human Resource (HR) representatives of the BFSI units
  2. Industry enablers
  3. PwDs working in the BFSI units.
  4. Civil society organizations
The interviews were done over the phone, using a semi-structured questionnaire. The questions related to the organization's overall recruitment and HR vision, its experiences of recruiting and working with PwDs, key challenges they faced in this regard, and prospects of PwDs hiring, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The responses were tabulated for the analysis and drafting of the report. The study was conducted in August 2020.


Recommendations were offered on the job opportunities for PwDs within the BFSI sector, in a post-Covid-19 world. Insights were also shared on the specific technical and non-technical skills that organizations seek for these positions.

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