Study on Productivity & Working Conditions in Natural Stone Mining Industry Supply Chain, Rajasthan

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In Rajasthan, natural stone mining is a key driver of economic growth. According to Rajasthan mineral policy 2015, the mining sector provides direct employment to about 7-8 lakh persons and indirect employment to about 22-25 lakh persons in the state. Given the importance of mining in the state, ILO, DWT/CO has proposed a comprehensive value chain analysis of the natural stone mining industry in Rajasthan.Development Solutions is developing the value chain and analyzing the decent work in the value chain.  Quantitative data collection with workers, mine owners, and processing units will enable the value chain development. Interactions with Government officials, industry associations, trade unions, the community will help to document the market actors and the rules that govern the value chain. The assignment will contribute to the development of a state-wide strategy or policy framework. The strategy is to enable the state to ensure a globally competitive and sustainable natural stone industry in the state.