Parents’ Perception Survey – Himachal Pradesh


The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected various sectors in India and around the world, including the education sector. In this regard Development Solutions undertook an educational survey to support Brookings Institution, a research organization based in the United States, to understand parents’ perception of a good quality education both before and amidst the pandemic.

Approach and methodology

Brookings had conducted the phone data collection for their research in Maharashtra. They wanted an agency to conduct the data collection in Himachal Pradesh as well. The survey tool was the same as was used in Maharashtra with some minor modifications. As the tool was in Marathi, we translated it into Hindi. After finalizing the Hindi translation, the tool was scripted and coded in SurveyCTO. For the phone data collection, we recruited and trained the investigators. The duration of data collection was 20 days. After the data collection was over, we cleaned the data and shared with Brookings.


Shared the final cleaned data set with Brookings Institution and MSDF


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