Impact data review in Southern India

Freedom Fund

Socio-Economic Inclusion

Service: Monitoring & Evaluation

The textile industry in the state of Tamil Nadu provides vital jobs and incomes, especially for the poor. However, parts of the industry are also a hotspot for various forms of bonded labor. Tens of thousands of girls and young women are recruited into employment schemes that result in excessive hours of work and extremely low pay – often with appalling effects on their mental and physical health. The Freedom Fund program in Tamil Nadu, southern India, aims to reduce bonded labor in the textile industry, primarily affecting girls and young women in spinning mills. It has partnered with approximately 13 NGO organizations across five districts. Development Solutions is carrying out an independent review of impact data in the Freedom Fund Southern India hotspot program. The review will focus on verifying the documentation behind impact numbers reported by Freedom Fund partner organizations. All partners report against a set of 13 indicators, which include the number of social and legal services provided, numbers of children enrolled in schools, the number of community freedom groups etc.