Boys Stand Up – Third Party Audit

Children's Investment Fund Foundation


Service: Quality Audit

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) implements a gender transformative program using the Gender Equity Movement in Schools (GEMS) framework in Government schools in Rajasthan. The intervention is part of two investments by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) under the umbrella of Boys Stand Up, to reduce the incidence of gender-based violence experienced by girls. The interventions seek to influence knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to gender norms, masculinity, and gender-based violence amongst adolescents and young boys to achieve this impact. The activities are implemented with support from the State Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan.


The program has been implemented since 2019, in two districts in Rajasthan. There have been shifts and changes owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures in the states in 2020 and 2021. In this context, CIFF seeks to conduct an audit of the achievement and quality of the in-school interventions.


  1. Assess efficiency of the program – 
  1. Understand achievement against planned targets of program activities related to curriculum development, program implementation, project monitoring, dissemination, and institutionalization of the intervention for sustainability.
  2. Achievement against project resources (inputs) and deviations from planned inputs for the program stages 


The effect of COVID-19, on the education systems, school closures and other contextual factors would be kept in mind whole assessing the n the proposed timelines and reach of program activities. 

  1. Assess the effectiveness and quality of the program - 
  1. Effectiveness of the program strategy (and activities) in achieving program outputs, leading to outcomes.
  2. Evaluate the quality of program implementation. 


  1. Document process changes due to COVID19 and other contextual factors, implementation status, and their impact on efficiency and effectiveness of activities and outputs.


Approach and methodology: Given the objectives, and the discussions with the ICRW team, the audit comprises of the following: 

  • A desk review of available documents - proposed program activities and training modules, training agenda, timelines and changes due to Covid-19, GEMS Comic book, among few others.   
  • Reviewing the programmatic theory of change- in consultation with ICRW to refine the activity and output indicators. Understanding any revisions in the theory of change, process mapping of implementation, MIS protocols and stakeholders for institutionalization and understanding available quality assurance measures, benchmarks, and indicators for all program aspects. 
  • A mixed-method research that would include quantitative and qualitative data collection, and review of programmatic and monitoring data, and other secondary data. 



The audit data collection and analysis has not been undertaken yet, due to COVID-19 related delays. Schools have been shut in Rajasthan – where the program was being implemented – because of which program roll-out has been stalled. Thus, the program audit is also on hold. Activities would resume at both ends as and when schools re-open.