Capacity building of Triggerise TIKO Ecosystem Facilitators


Triggerise India, through its network of TIKO PROs (women entrepreneurs), delivers health information, products, and services to communities in low-income urban and peri-urban geographies in Jaipur, Ajmer, Agra and Delhi. The PROs/women entrepreneurs are supported by TIKO system Managers (TSM) and TIKO system facilitators (TSF).

Development Solutions enabled a framework and conducted a training of trainers, to build capacities of TSFs - to address the emerging challenges of network expansion and to use the data generated by the program to guide the PROs. Specifically, capacity was built for:

  • Streamlining mentoring and handholding by TSFs, based on the data generated
  • To enhance ability of TSFs to enable guidance on consultative sales and procurement

Approach and methodology

A capacity assessment was undertaken to guide the framework development and capacity building. Starting with a mapping exercise, consultative interactions were undertaken with TSMs to map their roles, the current ecosystem they operate in and specific mentoring and guidance practices. This was followed by observation of a review meeting of the TSFs to understand the use and dissemination of data and implementation of mentoring and guidance to the PROs. Based on the above, an initial outline of the challenge areas and capacity needs was developed. A two-day engagement workshop with TSFs from across locations in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, was undertaken to further understand and flesh out each of the challenge areas.

A Training of Trainers was undertaken using participatory processes to orient the team of trainers on – (a) processes for strengthening mentoring and handholding; (b) use of data for decision making and (c) on consultative sales and procurement decision making. As a part of the training, the use of the CLEAR approach (Connect, Learn, Educate, Ask and Resolve) during interactions and mentoring was reinforced.


It is expected that the framework and capacity building efforts would address some of the challenges faced by the TSFs and PROs in effectively undertaking their roles. The assignment also enabled recommendations sharing and cross learning among team members, for sustained learning and capacity building within project activities.

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